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Periodic Testing

Age and use are the primary reasons your installation becomes less efficient and possibly dangerous.
It is a recommendation that all electrical installations are maintained and kept in a safe condition. Periodic testing and inspection should be a priority.

Reasons for Periodic Testing:

  • To Confirm safety has not been jeopardised by a damaged or deteriorated installation.
  • To see if property has not been affected by heat or fire due to a defective installation.
  • To ensure personal safety against the possibility of burns and electrical shock.
  • To allow non compliant installations to be checked for future safety.

All Buildings should be electrically tested:

  • Residential Properties.
  • Industrial and Commercial Buildings.

People who should be conscious of electrical testing regulations are:

  • Property Managers.
  • Letting Agents.
  • Landlords Agents.
  • Commercial and Private Landlords.

It may be necessary to have an electrical test inspection upon:

  • Ownership or tenancy change.
  • Uncertainty if a test was ever done.
  • Selling or purchasing a property.
  • If the property has suffered water or fire damage.
  • Periodically – relative to property usage of after the end of period previously recommended by a qualified test inspector.

Your test inspection report will:

  • Record the results of the testing and examination to confirm that for the recommended usage period, the installation is safe to use.
  • Report on any deterioration of the installation that might affect safety.
  • If any part of the installation does not meet regulated standards, advice will be given on how to correct it, and bring it up to safety standard.
  • You will of course receive a full record of the condition of the installation when it is inspected.

What Electrotest NI can do for you:

  • Test after inspection, the condition of installation wiring.
  • Seek potential dangers that might be happening with the installation, including overloading of the electrical circuits.
  • Highlight any previous work which does not reach current regulatory standards and could be defective.
  • Earth bonding or conducting will be checked along with circuit or fuse breaker ratings.
  • Check the tripometer is set properly in case of a fault.
  • In order of priority the qualified electrician will advise on any corrective work necessary and advise on whether continued use should happen, after establishing the overall condition of the installation.
  • Your building will be tested thoroughly from the main incoming power, right through to the last circuits, including appliances, power, and lighting.

All the information is of great value for all buildings, large and small.

Our reports are completely unbiased and whilst we are happy to quote you for any work that is needed, we must emphasis this is totally non obligatory.

Emergency Lighting

It is a legal requirement under BS5266-1 that all emergency lighting systems are tested, serviced and maintained.

Electrotest NI will provide regular inspection at agreed intervals to certify and test emergency lighting systems.

Only fully qualified electricians and engineers are used.

Complying with insurance criteria is paramount. Electrotest NI will insure you system meets their requirements.

We can assist in setting up a recorded system to allow you to perform more regular checks with an easy to use drill.

Included in our testing and inspection procedures are:

  • Functional checking for battery charging.
  • Diffuser cleaning.
  • Luminaire duration testing.
  • Test results will be made available.
  • Advice on any work required to bring systems up to regulatory standard.

Fire Alarms

Upholding the fire safety 2005 requirements includes the necessity of a fire alarm system. These systems need regular attention to ensure they work properly and do the job they are supposed to.

Inspection and routine testing of a fire alarm achieves:

  • Less false alarms
  • Improved efficiency
  • Proper operating of equipment, as it should work
  • Compliance as insurance policy requires
  • Contentment for building users
  • Responsibility as required by law

Fault Finding

There are many types of fault which can be associated with the world of electrics. Electrotest NI specialises in finding them and getting to the cause of them.

They will gather the relevant information and analyse it. Using their experience and training, they will be able to decide on the probable cause.

They will then seek out the fault and find it. It can then be repaired safely and tested.

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